DoneDeal helps Irish businesses to move online with Stripe

DUBLIN—Stripe, the global technology company building economic infrastructure for the internet, and Irish online marketplace DoneDeal today announced their partnership to enable Irish businesses and other users to transact 100% online using the DoneDeal site.

Sellers using DoneDeal can now accept payments online using Stripe to ensure a safe, contactless transaction. Buyers can now pay for their items instantly on the site and sellers no longer need to take cash or arrange for an alternative payment. Almost 250 DoneDeal sellers are already using Stripe to accept payments online and the marketplace will now roll out the option to all sellers so they can all benefit from cash-free payments.

Established traders and private sellers can use Stripe via DoneDeal, with hundreds of transactions already made in the pilot phase, with positive feedback from users on the seamless setup process. So far Stripe is most popular among DoneDeal users selling gym equipment, garden furniture and equipment, machinery and tools, car parts and building materials.

The Covid-19 crisis has seen many traditional businesses move fully online after their in-person operations were shut down, and DoneDeal provides a platform for businesses to sell their products online. Any kind of business that would like to sell goods digitally can join DoneDeal to reach the millions of customers visiting the site every day.

DoneDeal is Ireland’s No.1 ranked e-commerce and shopping site with over 7 million monthly visits and over 2 million monthly enquiries.

DoneDeal was founded in Wexford in May 2005 by husband-and-wife team Fred and Geraldine Karlsson where they still have our offices today. As of May 2020, the site has over 380,000 live ads listed with over 22,000,000 visitors to the site every month. Historically DoneDeal has been a generalist buy-and-sell website but in the past 5 years DoneDeal has grown to become the largest car marketplace in Ireland with over 70,000 cars listed for sale today.

Speaking about the partnership, Eileen O’Mara, Head of EMEA at Stripe, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with one of Ireland’s most prominent internet brands to enable their users to transact fully online. This is a great example of a successful, scaled company adapting quickly to a rapidly changing environment. This ability to adapt is what will set great companies apart over the next decade.”

Rob Hume, General Manager at DoneDeal, said “Partnering with Stripe allows buyers and sellers on DoneDeal to transact 100% online. At DoneDeal, we believe cashless payments will be a great way to make it easier and safer to transact on our marketplace and this will only become easier as we work to improve the online payments experience.”

“We were already using Stripe for our site with great results and as the lockdown restrictions increased we sought to introduce online payment and delivery on DoneDeal. Our developers have loved working with Stripe. The documentation is clear and the integration has been straightforward. We implemented Stripe in a matter of days and since then, the feedback from our sellers has been very positive. Overall the Irish businesses that have engaged with the service have been very positive in how it has helped them continue to trade in such a challenging environment.”

DoneDeal sellers wishing to set up with Stripe need only to spend a few minutes signing up to the platform through their MyDoneDeal account.