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The corporate card for fast-growing businesses

The Stripe Corporate Card is the easiest way for everyone in your company to handle expenses. Instantly provision cards, manage your company's spending in real-time, and get credit increases as your business grows. Rather than deal with complex rewards programmes, you'll simply get extra cash back on the categories where you spent the most. It's the corporate card we wanted for ourselves.

Get started instantly

All you need to apply is a Stripe account – no paperwork or personal guarantee required. Get up and running with a virtual card in minutes.

Credit limits that grow with you

Your credit limit is determined by your payment processing and bank history. As your business grows, your credit line can too.

Branded with your logo

Upload your logo right from the Dashboard to make your corporate card look and feel like your brand.


Simplified rewards that scale

Focus on your business, not on optimising credit card points. You’ll earn 1.5% cash back on every business purchase, across all categories. Save effectively no matter where or how you choose to spend over time.

Rewards that never go to waste

Your cash back balance is automatically credited to your monthly bill, so you’ll never lose out on your rewards.

No fees of any kind

There are no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees and no late fees.

Additional benefits

Take advantage of our always-improving partner benefits.


$5,000 in credits


Get 25% off for 12 months


50% cash back up to $5,000


6 months free


3 months free

Google Ads

$150 in credit


30% off for the first year, 15% off after that


$2,000 in credit for up to 5 users for 20 months


Access to Launch, and 20% off + waived implementation fees


3 months free


3 months free for InVision Starter


30% off for 3 months


20% off Pilot Core for 6 months


2 years free (teams <15)


Waived fees for 3 months


5% cash back up to $500 per month


50% off for 6 months


5% cash back up to $5,000


50% cash back up to $5,000


Get 6 months free payroll

Powerful tools and insight into your spend

With our flexible spend controls and real-time expense reporting, you can feel comfortable giving a corporate card to every employee.

Set custom spend controls

Control expenses and prevent fraud by setting custom authorisation rules such as allowed merchant categories and per-cardholder spending limits.

Spending limits

Limit spend over a given interval

Create spend limit

Amount |
Per day
Per week
Per month
Per year

Spend controls





Blocked categories

Pawn shops

Add a blocked category

Search… |
Pawn shops
Coffee shops
Grocery stores
Legal services
🥪 You just spent $22.18 at Amy’s Cafe. You can reply with a photo of your receipt.
Lunch at team offsite
Thanks! We’ve matched that receipt to your transaction.

Real-time expense reporting

Reduce the friction of expense reporting to help you get a more complete picture of your overall spend. Employees can text, email or upload their receipts to the Dashboard and we’ll automatically match the receipt to the right transaction.

Seamless integrations with finance software

Automatically import transactions to your expense management and accounting software with our out-of-the-box integrations.


An application for expense management, receipt scanning and business travel.


Manage your accounting, get invoices paid, accept payments and much more.


Easy-to-use, cloud-based accounting platform for small businesses and their advisors.

We’ve saved our employees hours of time on expense reporting and reimbursement processes. Now, all our expenses are automatically uploaded and tracked right in the Dashboard.

Philip Thomas

Co-founder & CEO, Moonlight

Getting set up on our Stripe Corporate Card was so easy. We were able to link our bank account and provision cards in a matter of minutes.

Kaspars Dancis

Co-founder & CEO, Whimsical

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The Stripe Corporate Card is currently a beta programme open to US-based companies.

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The Stripe Visa Corporate Card is issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC. All card accounts subject to credit approval.

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