Boost conversion with authentication optimizations

Stripe helps you meet regulatory requirements, fight fraud and facilitate seamless customer experiences.

Maximize conversion

Automatically request SCA exemptions where available and benefit from machine learning-based optimizations so your customers only authenticate when necessary.

Adapt to changing requirements

Stay up to date with fragmented global authorization requirements as they evolve.

Customize your setup

Import 3D Secure authentication results from external providers for authorization, or authenticate with Stripe and authorize later.

Enable frictionless flows

Improve your customer experience with data-only flows and let customers authenticate within checkout with delegated authentication.

Authentication engine

Optimize conversion and mitigate fraud

Strike the right balance between conversion, cost, and fraud mitigation with machine learning–based authentication. Our authentication optimization engine helps you meet requirements while reducing checkout friction for your customers across applicable regions and device types. On average, businesses in SCA regions can benefit from a 1% uplift in conversion on transactions over $500 with the authentication engine, all while reducing fraud on all transactions by 8%.
  • Automatically select the optimal protocol optimization and authentication pathway for your business
  • Use granular API controls to customize your own authentication flows
  • Apply available relevant risk-based SCA exemptions automatically
Authentication Engine

Delegated authentication

Authenticate customers within your checkout flow

60% of shoppers will abandon a checkout that takes more than two minutes. Utilize biometrics for faster authentication and higher conversion rates than traditional 3D Secure, while still reducing fraud. Delegated authentication is expanding soon to more issuers.

Integration options

Choose the right authentication setup for your business

Configure your authentication processes for different types of flows, whether you want to use Stripe for both authentication and payment processing, or as part of a multiprocessor set-up.

Use Stripe for both authentication and payment processing

Maximize conversion across the funnel with our full-stack payments processing solution.

Import your authentication results for processing

Manage your own authentication while still benefiting from our industry-leading authorization performance.

Use Stripe as your standalone authentication server

Access the latest authentication features in one place with proprietary optimizations that help increase your revenue.

Remove the hassle from authentication

Authentication regulations in Europe and other regions can help prevent fraud. But, since 20% of challenge flows lead to abandonment, authentication can also add friction and time to your checkout flow. Stripe helps your business meet these requirements while minimizing the tradeoffs that impact conversion.

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Know what you’ll pay

  • Out-of-the-box SCA readiness
  • Customizable 3DS rules and lookups
  • Rules-based SCA exemptions
  • Standalone authentication server (eligible businesses only)

A small fee is charged per 3D Secure attempt for accounts with custom pricing.

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  • Personalized, advanced machine learning–based algorithms for boosting conversion, reducing fraud, and reducing costs
  • Intelligent use of risk-based SCA exemptions and Data Only flows
  • Delegated authentication
Advanced features included

for businesses using Adaptive Acceptance

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