VIIZR on driving digital transformation for highly-skilled field service workers

VIIZR is a cloud field service management platform for highly-skilled trade workers like builders, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electrical contractors. The company was founded in 2022 by Ford Motor Company and Salesforce to improve productivity challenges within the field service industry.

We spoke with Jian Wei Hoh, chief executive officer of VIIZR, about the power of collaboration, digital access for field service workers, and the impact of a platform that unifies multiple technologies.



What does your role as CEO at VIIZR look like and why did you enter this role?

I see myself as a steward of collaboration and innovation between Ford and Salesforce. VIIZR’s mission is to democratize digital transformation within the field service industry by helping our customers run trusted, modern, and scalable businesses. Ford is powering our go-to-market strategy and Salesforce gives us a technology platform to create what we need. I’m grateful to lead a startup whose origin story began with two industry giants.

How have your previous roles at Uber, Salmat, and Ford shaped your leadership of VIIZR?

CEOs need to create a vision and lead a team that can drive toward it. At the same time, my approach to success was built on collaboration principles developed by my previous leadership experiences, especially at Ford. These experiences have helped me develop empathy for different internal teams and understand where the tensions in an organization may occur when building a product.

How is an auto manufacturer like Ford uniquely positioned to improve the customer experience for small businesses?

Ford has a vast distribution infrastructure that helps us accelerate the reach and recognition of VIIZR. Ford’s brand is so recognizable and trusted across the industry, which means we have an easier time forming connections with people in the field service business such as plumbers, electricians, and heating and cooling technicians.

Why did Ford choose to collaborate with Salesforce for VIIZR?

Salesforce provides VIIZR with a platform to build the solutions our customers need. Salesforce enabled us to launch VIIZR incredibly fast and iterate quickly. We're constantly releasing updates for our customers—every one to two months—which often include new or upgraded features and enhanced user experiences. Those businesses now have access to the same platform used by Fortune 500 companies.

How integral is the payments experience to the overall VIIZR product?

Field service businesses need solutions that remove friction, provide a superior user experience, and speeds up the cash payment cycle. Running VIIZR on Stripe has been a game changer for our customers. Stripe’s infrastructure enables payments systems that are accessible, affordable, seamlessly integrated, and secure—all factors that are critical to our success and operational efficiency. Stripe allows us to enable a transition from paper, cash, and checks to secure credit card and digital transactions, with users collecting payments five-times faster on Stripe.

Where do you think Stripe and VIIZR are aligned in terms of our values?

Our companies share values around great craftsmanship and building technology with the user first. Our customers are highly skilled and passionate about their craft. Both Stripe and VIIZR are meticulous in the same way and keep customers’ needs at the center of everything.

How does Stripe enable VIIZR to successfully conduct business across a variety of users and markets?

It’s critical that our customers in field services aren’t left behind as digital commerce evolves. VIIZR has created a solution that all field service workers can access and afford. It’s low or no-code as an experience and available for any contractor or technician to easily adopt. Stripe is powering payments and making the VIIZR experience more accessible and affordable.

With Stripe, the sky's the limit. We trust Stripe to stay on top of the changing commerce space and integrate us into the developments.




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