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Billing and payments for modern SaaS businesses

Slack uses Stripe to accept payments from over 100K global customers.

A flexible billing system for any pricing model

Driving growth with price experimentation

Pricing can be a powerful driver of growth—sometimes more than customer acquisition. Learn how Statuspage, Zeit, and other Stripe customers have used pricing to demonstrate product value to their customers.

Reduce time and effort spent on billing

Send optimized invoices

Spend less time chasing payments—Stripe-hosted invoices get paid 3× faster than traditional invoices. Stripe’s prebuilt, compliant invoices make it easy to charge customers in the US, CA, AU, NZ, and across Europe.

Automate common tasks with webhooks

Get notified when a payment succeeds, fails, or if the state of a subscription changes. Use webhooks to programmatically trigger actions like sending follow-up emails or updating plans.

Handle subscription updates without custom code

No need to write custom code to handle mid-cycle upgrades, proration, coupons, or metered billing. Stripe gives you the flexibility to support customers however they use your products.

As WeTransfer scaled, they outgrew their homegrown billing and payments system.


Instead of spending months refactoring their in-house system, WeTransfer built an extensible billing system with Stripe.


Stripe helped WeTransfer add support for flexible pricing plans, multiple currencies, and global payment methods. They also automate their payment collection process and improved fraud detection.

Products used

Stripe offered what we needed out of the box—plus we wanted a system that we could reason about, good documentation, and had existing integrations with essential third-party tools.

Andrei Horak
Engineer at WeTransfer
Read their migration story

Get consistent data across all your systems automatically

If you already have tools to manage customers, quotes, orders, or revenue recognition, you can use our prebuilt integrations to reliably connect Stripe with dozens of common systems—from sales and marketing tools like Salesforce and Docusign to ERP and accounting platforms like NetSuite and Xero.

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A payments platform engineered for growth

Retry failed payments with ML

On average, 9% of subscriptions fail on the first attempt. Stripe uses machine learning to find the best retry messages and routing combinations, recovering 41% of payments that initially fail.

Accept global payments

Expand to 34+ countries and support dozens of popular local payment methods with a single unified API. Stripe helps you launch in new countries quickly and compliantly.

Auto-update expiring cards

Stripe partners directly with card networks to automatically update cards. Subscriptions can continue without interruption or requiring customers to re-enter card details.

Optimize authorization rates

Stripe increases payment authorization by using machine learning to test and optimize authorization requests across tens of thousands of issuers globally.

Add new business lines

Use Stripe’s suite of products to help your customers accept payments from within your app, add support for in-person payments, or even extend capital.

Instant metrics and insights

Identify opportunities by measuring every part of your funnel. Review essential growth metrics, retention patterns, cohort performance, and more from the Stripe Dashboard.

Typeform needed a billing system that let them quickly launch and adjust pricing plans as they developed new products, entered new markets, and started closing complex deals.


Typeform rebuilt their billing system on Stripe supporting different subscription plans, billed either monthly or annually.


Typeform automated customer upgrades, sending recurring invoices, collecting payments in multiple currencies, handling financial reporting, and more—without manual overhead.

Products used

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