Stripe expands access to its crypto onramp with a new hosted option

  • Web3 companies can now direct customers to a Stripe-hosted onramp to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • Both embedded and Stripe-hosted onramps are now available to any interested Stripe user.

SAN FRANCISCO and DUBLIN—Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, today announced the launch of a Stripe-hosted fiat-to-crypto onramp, making it easier for Web3 companies to help US-based customers purchase crypto. In addition, Stripe is opening the onramp to all Web3 users, including those who joined the waitlist over the last few months.

Companies interested in offering cryptocurrency- and blockchain-enabled experiences often face a cold start problem: Their customers don't have the crypto in their wallets to carry out transactions. Stripe’s onramp allows customers to purchase crypto at the precise moment they need it. They could purchase Ethereum, for example, and immediately use it to buy an NFT.

With today’s announcement, Stripe now offers two implementation options for its onramp:

  1. An embeddable onramp (announced last December), which allows developers to insert a crypto-purchasing widget directly into their own website or app with just 10 lines of code.
  2. A Stripe-hosted onramp at, to which companies can direct their US-based customers, no code required.

The embeddable onramp is helpful for Web3 companies that want to fully customize the branding and customer experience, while the Stripe-hosted option provides an even easier way for users to get started.

“We're thrilled to partner with Stripe as they expand their offerings in the crypto space,” said James Mudgett, vice president of Web3 products at Brave. “We're excited to offer a fiat payment solution that will allow us to reach new Web3 users."

Helping developers accelerate Web3 adoption

Whether embedded on a company’s site or hosted by Stripe, the onramp is designed to optimize conversion and authorization rates, making it more likely that legitimate purchases go through. It includes built-in fraud tools and identity verification to support companies in meeting KYC and compliance requirements.

“We're delighted to welcome Stripe into LensFrens to reduce payment friction and encourage content monetization,” said Lens Founder Stani Kulechov. "By adding this payment feature, users can easily collect their favorite content and back the creators they admire."

Consumers using the onramp for the first time can complete identity verification just once and add their payment information to a Link account. Link speeds up checkout for customers by saving payment details that can be used for subsequent purchases at any Link-enabled business.

“By integrating Stripe’s onramp, we bring their payment solutions closer to some of the most trusted onchain infrastructure,” said Clément Bihorel, product lead at Safe.

"At this stage, it is very important to build bridges between Web2 and Web3," said Sergej Kunz, cofounder at 1inch. “Given their work with leading Web3 companies, Stripe is well positioned to help.”

Supporting a variety of use cases

An increasing number of crypto companies are adopting Stripe products beyond the onramp. Stripe’s global infrastructure makes it simple for businesses to grow—helping them accept fiat globally, enabling easy payouts with crypto (USDC), lowering fraud, and facilitating smooth onboarding.

“With our onramp options, Web3 companies can now outsource a bunch of the very important but tricky pieces to Stripe—things like conversion and auth optimization, identity verification, fraud prevention, and so on. This allows companies to focus on what’s unique to their business, and helps their customers start using Web3 services quickly and safely,” said Guillaume Poncin, head of engineering for crypto at Stripe.

The Stripe-hosted onramp is built for many of the use cases developed by Web3 companies around the globe, including:

  • Brave, a privacy-focused browser that's optimized for Web3 via the integrated Brave Wallet, which is a secure home for storing digital assets and exploring the decentralized web. Users will soon be able to use the Stripe onramp to buy crypto directly into their self-custody Brave Wallet accounts.
  • Safe, a platform enabling users to manage digital assets on Ethereum and the EVM. Developers can now embed Stripe’s onramp in their decentralized applications directly from the Safe{Core} SDK, reducing the barrier between Web2 and Web3.
  • 1inch, a distributed network for various protocols that provides one-stop access to decentralized finance. 1inch will integrate the Stripe onramp to let users easily and quickly start funding their DeFi wallet.
  • Lens Protocol, a decentralized social protocol that empowers creators to monetize their content. Lens will use Stripe’s onramp on LensFrens to allow users to seamlessly collect content and support their favorite Web3 creators within the Lens ecosystem.

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