Stripe launches Payment Links to enable online sales in minutes without any code

  • Businesses can instantly create a link to a checkout page to begin accepting payments on social platforms or direct channels—without writing a single line of code.

  • Even without a website, entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses of all sizes can start selling immediately and iterate quickly.

  • Payments Links users benefit from the scale of Stripe’s revenue platform, including conversion optimizations and advanced fraud prevention.

SAN FRANCISCO—Stripe, a global technology company building economic infrastructure for the internet, this week announced the launch of Payment Links: the simplest way for businesses to create a full payment page with just a few clicks, and share the link with their customers—no code required.

Payment Links simplifies the process of building a payment page by allowing businesses to generate a custom checkout page directly from their Stripe Dashboard, without needing a website, app, or any coding skills. Whether they’re startups, solo entrepreneurs, creators, or any other company, users will be able to customize the page using their own branding and will have multiple payment options to choose from, including recurring payments, wallets, coupons, subscriptions, and even free trials. Stripe handles the backend page generation and hosting as soon as users request a link. As a result, Payment Links users can accept their first payment in a matter of minutes.

“In less than 5 minutes, we created a link that let us accept payments for our courses directly from our emails,” commented Ben Tossell, founder and CEO of Makerpad. “We get all the power of Stripe without having to write a single line of code.”

Payment Links support a variety of business types and use cases:

  • Creator economy: Creators can easily begin accepting payments from their audience on social media by including a link in a tweet, newsletter, or any other forum.
  • Small businesses: Small companies who correspond directly with their customers can embed payments in a text message or email exchange.
  • Entrepreneurs: Founders who are testing a new idea with friends and family can share payment links in a text, WhatsApp or Slack message.
  • Social commerce: Retailers selling on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube can reach customers engaging with their content.

“No one likes waiting, especially an ambitious entrepreneur. With Payment Links, you can start selling anywhere within minutes – on social media, in a newsletter, via text message – without any code or payments expertise required,” said Sam Gerstenzang, Product Lead at Stripe. “You don’t even need to have a website. After all, the only thing developers like more than writing code is not having to write any code!”

Businesses using Payment Links benefit from Stripe’s entire revenue platform, which helps users boost authorization rates, simplify their billing operations, fight fraud, and much more. Recently, Stripe has rolled out increasingly easy no-code and low-code options—including the ability to offer an optimized payments experience using Stripe Checkout, manage subscriptions with the Customer Portal for Stripe Billing, build a marketplace with Express accounts on Connect, and now sell instantly with Payment Links.

Payment Links supports payments in 185+ countries, so businesses can build a global audience, regardless of their own location. Over the coming months, Stripe will continue to add more payment methods to help businesses reach even more customers around the world, with plans to make Payment Links available to platform businesses via an API so they can easily build pay-by-link features for their customers.

For more detail on what Stripe has been building to help internet businesses start and grow, tune into Stripe Sessions, starting June 16. You can register here.