Identity Terms

Last updated: June 23, 2023

If you agree to save your identity information to your Link Account or verify your identity using your Link Account, you may choose to use your Link Account to share your identity verification data in the future with other eligible businesses (i.e., our Business Users).  This identity verification data may include the personal data you provided (such as a photo of your driver’s license or passport) and our verification results (including insights).  

We generate verification results by comparing the information you provide with information about you that we collect from our Business Users, partners, identity verification service providers, and publicly available sources. If you agree for us to verify your identity using your identity document and your photo, your verification results are based on the biometric identifiers we generate and store from your images. Learn more. Stripe will use this information as a controller to verify your identity, including to comply with our own legal obligations, and for loss and fraud prevention and security purposes.  

Business Users may ask you to verify your identity for a number of reasons, including to confirm that you do not already have an account or that you are authorized to use a payment method. An advantage of saving your identity information to, or verifying your identity with, your Link Account is that you may not need to go through the trouble of re-submitting your identity information for other Business Users in the future.  Rather, you may be able to verify your identity more quickly and easily by providing consent to share the verification data you saved to your Link Account with specific Business Users. Before you agree to verify your identity through your Link Account with a Business User, we will inform you whether verification data will be shared with that Business User. If you agree to share your verification data with a Business User, please note that Business User is an independent controller of your verification data, and the Business User’s use of your data is subject to the Business User’s privacy policy.  

If you want to delete your identity information from your Link Account, there are instructions for how to do so here.  If you choose to delete your identity information from your Link Account, please note the Business User may still have your verification data. If you would like to request the Business User to delete any copies of your personal data they obtained through this End User Service, please contact the Business User directly.