Pay with Google

    Allow customers to securely make payments using Pay with Google on their Android devices. Pay with Google allows customers to securely make payments using any options saved to a customer's Google Account—including Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay.

    Pay with Google allows customers to pay with any credit or debit card stored in their Google account, including their Android Pay credentials.

    Pay with Google is fully compatible with Stripe’s products and features (e.g., subscriptions), allowing you to use it in place of a traditional payment form whenever possible. Use it to accept payments for physical or digital goods, donations, subscriptions, and more.

    Accepting Pay with Google in your Android app

    Stripe’s Android SDK makes it easy to accept both Pay with Google and regular credit card payments. To learn more, see our Pay with Google integration guide.

    Accepting Pay with Google on the web

    You can start accepting Pay with Google payments on the web using Stripe.js and Elements. Refer to our Payment Request Button documentation to learn how to add Pay with Google to your site.