Learn about wallet payments with Stripe.

Customers can use wallets to pay online with a saved card or a digital wallet balance.

Retailers often use wallets to:

  • reduce fraud and increase conversion on mobile
  • reach buyers in China, where wallets are the most popular way to pay

Wallets may not be a good fit for your business if:

  • You sell subscriptions. Some wallets don’t support recurring payments.

Payment experience

Customers confirm the transaction by authenticating their wallet credentials at checkout. If using mobile, they can authenticate with fingerprint or face recognition, their mobile passcode, or by logging into their wallet app. On the web, they can also scan a QR code with their mobile phone to complete the transaction.

Product support

We’ve created a single integration for all wallets that works across Stripe products. With Stripe Checkout, Apple Pay and Google Pay are automatically enabled.

Payment method

Customer country

Payment Intents





Alipay China Invite Only Invite Only
Apple Pay Global
Click to Pay Global No No
Google Pay Global
GrabPay Malaysia, Singapore No No
Microsoft Pay Global

Contact us to join a beta for WeChat Pay, a wallet popular with customers from China, or to request a new wallet.

Migrating from the Sources or Tokens APIs

If your current integration uses the Sources or Tokens API, we recommend following the migration guide to transition to Payment Intents and Payment Methods.