Stripe announces tender offer to provide employee liquidity

SAN FRANCISCO AND DUBLIN—Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, has signed agreements with investors to provide liquidity to current and former Stripe employees through a tender offer at a $65B (€60B) valuation. While the majority of funds for the tender offer are being provided by investors, Stripe will also use a portion of its own capital to repurchase shares to offset dilution from the Company’s employee equity compensation programs.

“We’re pleased to once again offer employees an opportunity for liquidity,” said Steffan Tomlinson, chief financial officer of Stripe. “Our business continues to see strong momentum with the most advanced companies in the world, from newly formed startups to sophisticated enterprises like Alaska Airlines, Best Buy, Lotus Cars, Microsoft, Uber, and Zara who turn to Stripe’s platform to power their financial infrastructure.”

Setting a new standard in payments

“When we first partnered with Stripe in 2010, it was a scrappy payments innovator. More than a decade later, Stripe has evolved beyond payments to set a new standard for financial infrastructure—driving significant revenue growth for its users,” said Roelof Botha, managing partner at Sequoia Capital. “The company’s attention to the most minuscule details delivers outsized results.”

Businesses usually have to fight tooth and nail to increase their revenue by even a few percentage points. Stripe’s optimized checkout suite, launched in 2023, includes more than 100 optimizations, such as pre-built payment UIs and one-click checkout, that drive conversion. Stripe research found that businesses that migrated from an older Stripe integration to the optimized checkout suite saw a 10.5% increase in revenue.

Momentum across Stripe’s product portfolio

“Stripe’s reputation in payments is well known, but its revenue and finance automation suite, with products like Billing and Tax, look from recent accomplishments to be formidable SaaS businesses in their own right,” said Paul Pate of Goldman Sachs Growth Equity.

Stripe expanded its revenue and finance automation suite in 2023 to let businesses more easily manage the entire revenue life cycle. With Stripe, users can accelerate revenue growth and handle everything from accrual accounting to automatic tax collection and subscription billing. Stripe Billing now powers more than 200,000 users, including media companies like The Atlantic and Forbes and technology companies like Atlassian and Slack. Stripe Tax automates sales tax across 50 US states and 50 countries and simplifies tax compliance for businesses like Duolingo, Retool, and Roblox.