About Stripe

Our mission is to increase the GDP of the internet

Stripe 是一家致力于为互联网构建经济基础设施的科技公司。各规模企业——从初创公司到上市企业——都使用我们的软件来接受付款和管理其线上业务。

Stripe 在旧金山和都柏林设有两个总部,在伦敦、巴黎、新加坡、东京和世界其他地方也有办事处。

Stripe Newsroom | People having a conversation at a Stripe office

Fast facts


industry leaders process more than $1B annually on Stripe.


in payments processed by businesses on Stripe in 2022.


currencies and payment methods supported.


countries where Stripe is available to businesses.


Board members

Patrick Collison

Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder, Stripe

John Collison

President and Cofounder, Stripe

Kevin Kelly

Independent Director — Partner, CIO, Sequoia Heritage

Diane Greene

Independent Director

Christa Davies

Independent Director — Chief Financial Officer, Aon

Jonathan Chadwick

Independent Director

Mark Carney

Independent Director — Vice Chair, Brookfield Asset Management

Matthew Huang

Independent Director — Cofounder; Paradigm

Media assets

下载官方 Stripe Logo、徽章、产品截图和高管团队照片。所有 Stripe 商标、Logo 或其他品牌元素都受 Stripe 商标使用协议的约束。

The Stripe logo

The Stripe wordmark is available in three colors. Use slate and blurple on light backgrounds, and white on dark backgrounds. Do not use any other color for the wordmark.

Stripe badge

Businesses who use Stripe can display this logo on their checkout pages. We suggest linking badges to stripe.com.

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