LOOM scales personalised payment experience for its users with Stripe

LOOM is a direct-to-consumer education technology company focused on helping women thrive in their bodies at every stage of life with interactive tools and on-demand classes.

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Erica Chidi, LOOM’s cofounder and CEO, wanted to be able to deliver a personalized transaction experience that aligned with the brand’s broader customer journey. As a venture-backed startup, LOOM set out to find a payments platform that would grow and scale with the company while providing a seamless, branded checkout experience for customers.


LOOM turned to Stripe Payments to collect payment for customers joining the program, and Stripe Invoicing to collect payment for more limited experiences where it was easier to have customers pay in advance. Using the Stripe product suite, LOOM was able to offer a personalised payment experience to its users, something that will be integral as LOOM continues to grow.


Today, LOOM has generated over $600K in revenue through its online classes alone, with Stripe. As it continues to scale, LOOM is focused on continuing to use Stripe for customer transactions to ensure everyone is able to access LOOM’s services without any financial barriers or friction.

I just loved how easy it was to use Stripe. It personalised the transaction experience for me as a business owner in a way I haven’t really seen on any other platform.

Erica Chidi, CEO and co-founder

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