Snowflake partners with Stripe experts to launch a marketplace in four months

Snowflake is a cloud data platform that enables data storage, processing, and analytics solutions for businesses. With their Data Cloud platform, Snowflake manages the complexities of data storage infrastructure, providing easy and secure data access and enabling organizations to focus on building data-driven solutions.

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Snowflake sought to create a B2B marketplace for their customers. Eager to move quickly and be first to market, Snowflake turned to Stripe for additional expertise to guide their technical approach, as well as subject matter expertise in topics like regulation and compliance, to expedite the process.


Snowflake partnered with the Stripe professional services team for expertise and guidance throughout their implementation. Stripe provided product workshops, ongoing Q&A sessions, and weekly check-ins to keep the Snowflake team unblocked and moving efficiently. As a result, Snowflake successfully launched their marketplace in just four months.

Partnering with the Stripe professional services team enabled us to create a unique marketplace experience with consumption-based pricing options for our customers. We not only created a product we’re happy with and customers are finding value from, but through the partnership we were able to execute quickly and effectively.

Eric Dorf, Senior Product Manager, Monetisation

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