Use cases

Power payments for your marketplace

Stripe brings together everything you need to onboard service providers, manage payments, send payouts, and more. Companies such as DoorDash, and Instacart use Stripe’s suite of products to increase retention and scale their operations globally.

How it works

The easiest way to launch payments and payouts

Instantly onboard service providers

Onboard drivers, sellers, or other vendors for payments and payouts with just a few questions. Stripe Connect helps collect and verify information to meet payments KYC and compliance requirements.

Optimise checkout and beat fraud

Launch a conversion optimised checkout flow from day 1. Stripe supports 135+ currencies and dozens of global payment methods. Fraud prevention is also built into Stripe – our machine learning models are trained daily on data from millions of global businesses to protect your marketplace.

Send payouts flexibly and quickly

Customise payout schedules or provide the option to receive payouts on a rolling basis. You can also offer instant payouts, allowing service providers to deposit earnings to their bank account in minutes.

Manage your marketplace

Centralise your marketplace operations

Stripe can replace multiple systems typically used to manage payments, payouts, and service providers. Give your finance, operations, and support teams the tools they need to control funds, handle refunds, manage expenses and more.

Control your flow of funds

Split transactions to pay out multiple recipients from a single payment. Marketplaces in the US can also top up their account balance to add bonuses or send one-off payouts.

Handle refunds and disputes

Easily handle refunds and disputes via the Stripe Dashboard or API. Responding quickly to customers and effectively submitting evidence can help you can keep losses at a minimum.

Programmatically control expenses

Generate and distribute physical or virtual spend cards with custom controls that can be configured to specific purchase locations, dollar amounts, and use limits.

Manage service providers

Use the Stripe Dashboard to create, manage, and update provider accounts. In the US, Stripe also provides gross earnings tracking and generates 1099s.

Differentiate your marketplace

Acquire and retain more sellers, vendors, and service providers

Stripe’s products work together and make it easy to expand your offerings with minimal engineering investment. Give service providers access to Stripe’s entire suite of features. You can help them manage cash flow with instant payouts and flexible financing or support subscription plans and loyalty programs in your marketplace.

Best practices for growing marketplaces

At Stripe, we’ve worked with thousands of marketplaces and see the challenges and opportunities they face first hand. In this video, we distilled our top best practices for how to grow marketplaces.

Scale globally

Go global with a single integration

Launch a global marketplace

Let Stripe manage the complexity of compliance, licensing, and card network rules so you can easily onboard and pay out service providers in 35+ countries without needing to establish local entities.

Minimise regulatory and compliance overhead

Payment and payout regulations are constantly changing and vary by country. That’s why Stripe helps with PCI compliance, KYC checks, and lets marketplaces leverage our money transmission licences around the world.

Case studies

GitHub works with Stripe to add a donations programme

GitHub is a code management platform that sought a partner to help them launch a donations programme to support open-source developers.


GitHub Sponsors allows the developer community to financially support the people around the world who design, build, and maintain the open-source projects they depend on, directly on GitHub.


GitHub used Stripe to onboard developers in 34 countries to accept donations. In two months, Stripe helped Github reduce a manual 9-step, week-long process to a fully localised, 2-minute onboarding experience. They also expanded support to more countries and currencies without additional work.

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SkipTheDishes works with Stripe to maximise revenue

SkipTheDishes, Canada’s leading food delivery service, wanted to maximise revenue while keeping fraud at a minimum.


SkipTheDishes wanted to reduce fraud while providing customers with a smooth checkout experience. They were looking to modernise their technology stack within an ambitious go-live timeline and wanted to eliminate system downtimes with a new payments partner.


In just three months, SkipTheDishes successfully moved all of their volume to Stripe. With the transition, they saw a 6% uplift in payment processing approval rates. They’ve also been able to significantly decrease fraud rates and have reduced chargeback costs by over 30%.

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Instacart works with Stripe to handle multi-party payments

Instacart delivers groceries from local stores directly to customers. They needed a partner to help them manage their flow of funds efficiently.


Instacart offers a multi-sided marketplace and has complex payment needs. Since they accept payments directly from consumers and manage payouts for both grocery stores, shoppers, and delivery partners, they needed a way to streamline payments and payouts across multiple parties.


With Stripe, Instacart was able to build a high-conversion checkout flow for consumers, and create a compliant onboarding experience for both grocery stores and shoppers. To help attract more shoppers to their platform, they also launched Instant Cashout in partnership with Stripe, a feature that enables shoppers to cash out earnings immediately.

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Catawiki works with Stripe to simplify compliance

Catawiki is a fast growing online auction platform. They needed a partner to help keep them compliant with constantly changing global regulations.


As Catawiki entered new markets, they were challenged with new regulations, and a myriad KYC and onboarding requirement – and an overstretched engineering team.


Partnering with Stripe allowed Catawiki’s developers to increase their engineering efficiency and global scale while minimising the time they needed to spend on code to comply with local regulations.


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