Financial Connections Terms

Last updated: May 3, 2022

Financial Connections Terms

We provide an End User Service that allows you to link your financial accounts to easily share your financial data with us and others that you authorize so that you can receive better product experiences. These Financial Connections, along with the End User Terms of Service above, apply when you use this End User Service.

When you obtain services from a merchant (i.e., a Business User) that has enabled this End User Service, we will ask you to link one or more of your financial accounts. If you agree to link your financial accounts with us, we and, where identified, your merchant (i.e., our Business User), will collect data from that financial account. For example, once you agree to link a financial account, our Business User may verify that your financial account is valid and check your balance. We may use your financial account data to, among other things, streamline your requested payments and assess your eligibility for and offer you End User Services that we or our affiliate provides.

Your financial account data is provided directly by your financial institution or our third party partners that collect, store and use your login information (such as your username and password). We refer to these financial institutions and partners as “Data Sources.” Finicity Corporation is one of our Data Sources, and their terms are available here and incorporated into these Financial Connections Terms by this reference. This End User Service is not endorsed or sponsored by any third party whose account(s) are accessible through this End User Service, and we are not an agent of those third parties.

When you agree to link your financial account using this End User Service, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of your financial data and personal data for that financial account until you choose to unlink the account. Once linked to your financial account(s), we and our Data Sources will regularly collect, use and store the following types of data from your selected accounts:

  • Account owner information, including contact information (such as your name and address);
  • Account balances, including current and pending balances;
  • Account details, including your account type and bank, and account and routing numbers;
  • Account transactions, including balance, transaction date, payee, location, transaction, description, and amount; and
  • In some cases, your financial institution login credentials, depending on the type of connection that we have with your financial institution. Learn more.

Among other things, we may use your data to:

  • Verify your bank account;
  • Facilitate the processing of your requested payments;
  • Mitigate fraud, financial loss, or other harm to you, our Business Users, and us;
  • Assess your eligibility for and offer you our other products or services;
  • Analyze, develop, and improve this End User Service and our other products and services;
  • Provide you customer support;
  • Comply with law, and enforce our Terms; and
  • For other purposes consistent with your consent and applicable law.

Please review the Financial Connections End User FAQs to learn more. We will use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please remember that our Privacy Policy covers our privacy practices, and not our Business Users’ privacy practices. We have implemented security controls that are designed to safeguard your personal data. To learn more, please visit

You represent that you have the lawful right to authorize us and our Data Sources to access the data in your linked financial account(s). If you want to disconnect your bank account, you may do so through our disconnection form. You can also use that form to request that we delete the data we obtained from your financial account, and associated login credentials. If you would like to request our Business User to delete any copies of your data they obtained through this End User Service, please contact the Business User directly. Once we process your request to unlink your account, we and our Data Sources, along with that Business User, will not collect additional information from your unlinked bank account. Please also note that disconnecting your account or deleting your personal data may not cancel or stop payments (including recurring payments) that you have already authorized.

You may also choose for us to save your financial account information for future payments across our eligible merchants (i.e., our Business Users), including when you check out on their websites and applications. When you allow us to remember you, we will store certain identifying information, such as your email address or mobile phone number (“Log-In Credentials”) and the financial account information you give us (“Payment Account Details”). As part of your Payment Account Details, we may also store information from your financial account such as your name and address. The advantage of us remembering you is that you may be able to pay more quickly and easily with the same Business User, as well as when you visit our other eligible Business Users’ sites or apps. Please see the Link Account Terms above for more information.