2023 tax trends report

Keeping up with constantly changing tax laws and regulations can be a real challenge, especially as your business grows. To help you manage tax compliance and avoid costs and risks that come with noncompliance, we analyzed the latest regulatory updates to identify the biggest global tax trends and what they mean for your business.

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Biggest global tax trends

Inside the report, you’ll learn about these key global tax trends:
  • More businesses will have foreign tax compliance obligations, as more countries enact tax collection obligations for foreign sellers and marketplaces.
  • Tax rate and product taxability changes will impact all aspects of a business’s financial infrastructure. Product pricing, invoicing, and ERP systems must be updated when rates and rules change.
  • More countries are enacting new marketplace facilitator laws and expanding the reach of existing laws, making marketplaces responsible for tax collection.

Understand where to register and collect taxes

See where you need to collect taxes based on your Stripe transactions.

Register to pay tax

Stripe Tax provides links to websites where you can register once you exceed a threshold.

Automatically collect tax

Stripe Tax always calculates and collects the correct amount of tax, no matter what or where you sell.

Simplify filing and remittance

Stripe generates itemized reporting and tax summaries for each filing location, helping you easily file and remit taxes.

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