Stripe deepens product investment in Australia with unified commerce and finance automation

  • Stripe announced that it will soon launch Tap to Pay on iPhone, one-click checkout with Link, and the Stripe Reader S700 device in Australia.
  • Additional investments in Australia include the coming availability of Stripe Data Pipeline and Stripe Tax for platforms, which will help Australian businesses manage their sales data at scale.

SYDNEY—Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, announced an expansion of its Australian product suite last week at its inaugural Stripe Tour Sydney event. The program showcased Stripe’s commitment to investing in the dynamic Australian business market.

“Australia is one of our fastest-growing markets in Asia Pacific, with over half a million businesses in the country building on Stripe. We were thrilled to be joined by the country’s leading executives at our inaugural conference. We’re committed to helping more Australian businesses maximize revenue, streamline operations, and unlock their full potential,” said Karl Durrance, managing director, Stripe Australia and New Zealand.

The expanded Australian product suite is headlined by the introduction of Tap to Pay on iPhone, reinforcing Stripe’s support for unified commerce systems that can manage fast, automated transactions both online and in person. Nearly 600 leaders in Australia’s startup and enterprise business communities attended Stripe Tour Sydney—one of six events that Stripe is holding in global commerce hubs this year.

Upleveling unified commerce

Stripe supports unified commerce through a variety of products and features, including in-person digital payments with Tap to Pay and Stripe Reader devices. The launch in Australia marks the first time Stripe has made Tap to Pay on iPhone available outside the United States. The feature pairs with the Stripe Terminal SDK and will soon allow Australian businesses to accept in-person, contactless payments directly on their iPhones, without any additional hardware.

Mr Yum, ServiceM8, and SiteMinder will be among the first Australian businesses to offer the service, with availability expanding to all Australian businesses in the coming months.

"We're proud to be pioneering mobile ordering and payments in Australia for thousands of businesses and have partnered with Stripe since day one. Digital payment adoption in pubs and restaurants continues to grow at a rapid rate, so we're excited about tools like Tap to Pay on iPhone that help us provide our customers an even more flexible way to grow their businesses,” said Kim Teo, chief executive officer of Mr Yum.

At Stripe Tour Sydney, Stripe also previewed its newest smart reader, Stripe Reader S700, which allows businesses to accept payments and collect customer details like signatures and email addresses while running their own custom point-of-sale apps. The all-in-one device features a high-definition screen and long battery life and will be available to Australian businesses later this year.

Australian businesses will soon have access to Link by Stripe, Stripe’s native one-click checkout feature. Link allows customers to auto-fill payment information, enabling checkouts that are nine-times faster than non-Link checkouts, and increasing conversion rates by over 7%.

"Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and Stripe shares our commitment to customer-centricity. By simplifying checkouts even when they require deposits and installments, Stripe helps us grow our recurring revenue while we focus on bringing the world’s best travel experiences to our customers,” said Shay Hamama, chief product and technology officer at Lux Group.

Improving revenue and finance automation

Beyond unified commerce, Stripe debuted its latest solutions in Australia that make accounting and data gathering more efficient. Stripe Data Pipeline enables users to sync Stripe reports with Amazon Redshift and Snowflake Data Cloud, speeding up financial close and facilitating company-wide data tracking and analysis. Stripe Tax for platforms, a flexible tax product, lets platform businesses offer their users the ability to fulfill sales tax, VAT, and GST obligations automatically, even when using non-Stripe payments systems.

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