Stripe Sigma for Connect Platforms

    Use Stripe Sigma to report on transactional data about your Connect platform.

    Connect platforms can use Stripe Sigma to report on their own Stripe account’s transactional data. Depending on how your platform creates charges and transfers for your users, this can also include data about connected accounts.

    Destination charges are created by your platform on behalf of connected accounts and can be reported in a similar way to reporting on your own charges. For example, you could analyze the flow of funds from a destination charge to a connected account, join the transfer_id column of the charges table to the id column in the transfers table.

    The following example does this and joins these two tables together. The charge and transfer amounts, as well as destination account IDs, are returned.

      DATE_FORMAT(DATE_TRUNC('day', charges.created), '%Y-%m-%d') as day,,
      charges.amount as charge_amount,
      transfers.amount as transferred_amount,
    from charges
    inner join transfers
    order by day desc
    limit 5
    day id charge_amount transferred_amount destination_id
    2017-10-23 ch_vFupviXqCt3HGlJ 1,000 1,000 acct_olzhselsH8V41jj
    2017-10-23 ch_5WeEcs0QIlAkkTR 800 800 acct_OaiRFKhVnHWgitv
    2017-10-23 ch_haPfGzRZZxVCvq4 1,000 800 acct_rGdy9dhMYdkdaLI
    2017-10-23 ch_NEnpUrsoNTJCpcT 1,100 950 acct_UtgWbbYLG3UoaYS
    2017-10-23 ch_kQdjWN7Id097PRQ 1,100 1,100 acct_ec2OQFHZKpRHlOF

    For a more detailed breakdown of destination charges, make use of our query template for destination charges that uses the balance_transactions and transfers tables.

    Direct charges

    When your platform creates a direct charge on a connected account, it appears only on the connected account, not on your platform. This is analogous to the connected account making the charge request itself.

    You cannot report on direct charges to connected accounts as the charge is not ultimately processed by your platform. Since there is no charge created on your platform, no data is available in the charges table.

    If you assess an application fee on direct charges, this information is available for you to report on using the application_fees table. You can use this to analyze your platform’s revenue from direct charges without access to the charge data itself. Refer to our Direct charges template query to learn more.

    Separate charges and transfers

    Reporting on separate charges and transfers is similar to how you report on destination charges. All charges are created on your platform’s account, with funds separately transferred to connected accounts using transfer groups. Both the charges and transfers table include a transfer_group column, allowing you to write queries using this data. The transfers table also contains a column for source_transaction_id which may be used in some implementations of separate charges and transfers.

    A query template for separate charges and transfers is available for you to use.