Platform controls for Standard accounts

Platform controls for Standard accounts

Connect platforms can activate the Platform controls beta to restrict OAuth connections between newly created Standard accounts and other platforms or extensions.

By default the data your platform creates for a Standard account (e.g., charges, customers, invoices, etc.) is visible on their Stripe account. This also means if they connect to other platforms or third-party extensions, those platforms and extensions will also have access to the same pool of data.

Activating the beta setting prevents your Standard accounts from accidentally sharing data with other platforms and extensions.


To activate this setting, you must use Standard Connect with Connect Onboarding to create and provision new accounts.

Only team members with administrator access to the platform Stripe account can request the beta.

Request access to Platform controls

Request access from the Connect settings page.

Request access under \"Platform Controls\"

Request access under “Platform Controls”

After requesting access, you will receive a confirmation message at your Stripe email address. A member of the Stripe team will reach out to confirm your request and answer any questions.

Confirm that the beta is activated

Check the activation status under Platform Controls in Connect Settings.

Beta activated

Beta activated

Create Standard connected accounts

Review the Standard Connect docs or follow the guide to create Standard accounts using Connect Onboarding.

Example screenshot of Connect Onboarding form

Example screenshot of Connect Onboarding form

To deactivate the beta feature, please use the Contact Us link within your Connect Settings page or reach out to Stripe support.

Connected accounts’ experience

After you activate the beta, all new accounts onboarding to your platform will see some changes in their Dashboard. To understand changes for connected accounts, please see this Support article.