Card Payments with the New Payments APIs

    Learn how to charge, save, and authenticate credit and debit cards on Stripe.

    Our new payments APIs prepare your business for growth:

    • Automatic authentication handling
    • No double charges
    • No idempotency key issues
    • Support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and similar regulatory changes

    We recommend all users integrate with these payment APIs. Our traditional Stripe integration is available for getting started quickly—without handling additional authentication—in the U.S. and Canada.

    Designing your own payments on Stripe

    Use Stripe’s libraries to collect payment details and create payments. Here’s what you can do:

    Haven’t set up our libraries or SDKs yet? Go get started on web, iOS, or Android.

    Underlying APIs

    New payments integrations use the Payment Intents, Setup Intents, and Payment Methods APIs.

    These new APIs help you handle dynamic payments (e.g., additional authentication like 3D Secure) and prepare you for expansion to other countries. As new regulations and regional payment methods come with different requirements, these APIs help you support them.

    Collect card payments faster, with less code

    You don’t have to build your payment flows from scratch. The easiest way to get started on Stripe is to use Checkout, a Stripe-hosted payment page that works beautifully on web and mobile browsers. Checkout uses the same underlying APIs and comes with the same benefits.

    Checkout handles collecting payment details and creating payments for you. And because it supports additional authentication like 3D Secure, Checkout is equally suitable for users in the U.S. and Canada and those affected by the SCA regulation in Europe.

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