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Dashboard Improvements

Ross Boucher on February 18, 2013

We wanted to share some quick news of a few ways the Stripe Dashboard has gotten even better:

New Two-step Overview in Team Settings

A few months ago we added two-step verification to Stripe. Now, you can see which members of your team have enabled this additional protection in your team settings.

New API Errors Overview

Though we hope it happens rarely, your API requests will sometimes return an error. If you’ve set up careful monitoring on your servers, you might get e-mailed about these errors. And if you’re vigilant, you might actually investigate them. We thought we could make this process a bit easier, and take some of the burden off your own monitoring in the process.

Now, when you visit your dashboard logs, you'll be greeted with an overview that includes any recent errors returned by our API. You can review details about the cause of each error, and suggestions actions we think you may want to take as a result.

New Retry Test Webhooks

Integrating webhooks can get a bit complicated, given the wide range of scenarios you may want to test, and the natural process of working out the bugs in your webhook endpoints. To help, we've added a quick retry button on every event page.

New Friendlier Events List

We think our event system is great because it’s so powerful and flexible. And yet, when reviewing events on your dashboard, the interesting things that are happening your account can be a bit hard to see. So we’ve redesigned the event list to make it easier to read and understand.

Instead of just listing IDs and types, we show you a short sentence describing what happened in each event. It’s something like a news feed for everything happening in your account, with pictures of your customers right next to each story (based on their email addresses, and powered by Gravatar).