BECS Direct Debit Service Terms and Conditions

Last updated: January 24, 2022

Direct Debit Specific Terms

1. Merchant must give you at least 10 days’ prior notice of each direct debit, provided that where the direct debit is in a series, Merchant is only required to provide 10 days’ notice prior to the first direct debit in the series.

2. Merchant must give you 30 days’ prior notice of changes to the amounts or dates of a series of direct debits.

3. All notices must be in writing, and you agree they can be delivered electronically. Merchant may send same day notices for direct debits only when specifically requested by you.

4. You may ask Merchant to reverse a direct debit up to 120 days after the direct debit if:

  • (i) You didn’t receive proper notice of the amount and date of the direct debit, or
  • (ii) You received notice but the amount or date of the direct debit is different from the amount or date on the notice.

5. If you dishonour a direct debit but Merchant retries it within 5 business days of the original direct debit, you understand that you will not be notified again about that direct debit.

General Terms

1. By agreeing to this Direct Debit Authority (“DDA”), you acknowledge that Stripe New Zealand Limited (NZBN: 5639473) (“Stripe”) acts on Merchant’s behalf to arrange for funds to be debited from your bank account as detailed in the DDA (“your account”). Stripe provides payment services to Merchant and Stripe does not provide any goods or services to you.

2. Stripe may collect and process your personal information for the purposes of processing this DDA, and does so in accordance with Stripe’s privacy policy.

3. Your rights and responsibilities

  • a. You must ensure that your account can accept debit instructions through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS).
  • b. You must ensure your account has sufficient funds to allow for debit transfers. If debit requests are returned to Stripe by your bank, Stripe may charge you a fee, in addition to any fees your bank may charge. If a debit request is returned to Stripe because your bank account has insufficient funds, it is your responsibility to fund the bank account so that Stripe can re-process the debit transfer.
  • c. If you change your account, you must ensure that your authorization will apply to any new account. You must provide Merchant with any information regarding the new account and authorisation as Merchant deems necessary.
  • d. You may cancel your authorization with your bank. However, you must promptly notify Merchant if you do so.
  • e. You have up to 9 months after the date Merchant sent the first direct debit under your DDA to query the validity of the authority that Merchant has to debit your account.