Get paid fast, even instantly

With Stripe, you can access your earnings when you need them most. Manage your payout timing and get paid within minutes, all from the Dashboard.

Access funds quickly

Fast payouts come standard on a 2-business day basis. If you want your money on demand, use Instant Payouts to receive funds within minutes.

Flexible deposit options

Choose to automatically have funds paid out daily, weekly, or monthly. Or opt to set a custom payout schedule for your business.

Easy and transparent reporting

Keep tabs on your earnings every step of the way: manage historical and upcoming deposits, and monitor payout dates in the Dashboard.

Speed and simplicity built-in

When you accept a payment with Stripe, we work to get you your money as quickly as possible. Once you’re up and running, payouts happen two business days after a payment is received.


Money in minutes with Instant Payouts

Instant Payouts allow you to send your earnings to an eligible debit card within minutes, giving you on-demand access to funds. Instant Payouts are available 24x7, including nights, weekends and holidays, for a fee of 1% of the payout amount. Daily payout limits may apply.

Currently available for eligible businesses in the US, UK, Canada, and Singapore.

The new Stripe Checkout
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