Zip Payment Terms

Last Updated: May 6, 2024     

1. Zip Transactions

1.1 In respect of Zip transactions:

  • You can’t give return credits in cash unless required by law.
  • You can’t impose fees or higher prices for Zip purchases (that is, no surcharging).

In respect of US Zip transactions:

  • All goods and services must be located in the United States.
  • Zip can’t be used for the payment of a gift card, gift voucher or prepaid stored value card or voucher.

1.2 Processing Zip Transactions.

  • You must not process a Zip transaction unless delivery will be completed within 60 days.
  • You can’t split a Zip transaction into multiple charges unless (i) the balance of the amount due is paid in cash or check or (ii) the goods or services are delivered at a later date and one charge is the deposit and the second is the balance payment at delivery.
  • You must retain information about a Zip transaction for at least 18 months after the transaction.
  • Zip (and/or its lending partner) decides if customers can use Zip for purchases and has the sole right to receive payment from Zip customers. Stripe acquires those purchases for you and settles the funds to you.
  • In the United States, for customers who use Zip as a payment method, Zip and/or its lending partner may extend credit to the customer for a fee.

1.3 Invalid Zip Transactions. 

Zip can refuse or suspend transactions where (i) the transaction involves you reselling Zip services or (ii) you haven’t retained information about the transaction for at least 18 months after the transaction. Additionally for US transactions, Zip can refuse or suspend transactions where (iii) it is recorded in a currency other than US Dollars; (iv) the goods or services were supplied from outside the United States; or (iv) you do not provide a transaction receipt to Zip within five business days of Zip’s request. 

2. Privacy. If a customer has questions about how Zip handles their information, you will refer them to Zip’s privacy policy.

3. Promotional Material

You will use reasonable efforts to display an approved Zip logo at your checkout page where Zip is presented to the customer. If you want to market Zip on your website, you must comply with the Branding Guidelines applicable to your country, including by displaying (i) an approved Zip logo or Zip widget and (ii) any required disclosures (in each case as described in the applicable Branding Guidelines). Any marketing that deviates from the Branding Guidelines, is subject to Zip’s prior approval. If requested by Zip, you will remove, update and/or modify any Zip promotional material and content from your website. 

4. Intellectual Property

By offering Zip, you authorize Zip to publish your name in Zip’s merchant directory available in the Zip app or You will not use the name, logo, any trademarks, brand names, business names or copyright belonging to Zip except as permitted in Zip’s branding guidelines. If requested by Zip or if your use of Zip is terminated, you will remove all references to Zip from your website or (if applicable) from your premises.

5. Termination Rights 

In addition to the termination and suspension rights included in the Stripe Services Agreement, Zip has certain additional rights to suspend or terminate your use of Zip, such as for high chargeback and refund rates that aren’t promptly remedied.