Financial reports

    Generate reports of your Stripe account's financial information in the Dashboard.

    Understanding how funds flow in and out of your account is an important part of processing payments. You can use financial reports in the Dashboard to view the financial data within your Stripe account, helping to streamline your business workflows.

    Financial reports include the following tabs:

    • Balance: Users can view and download summarized and itemized balance transaction data, helping them to close their books on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These reports are useful for understanding changes to your Stripe balance.
    • Reconciliation: Users on automatic payouts can reconcile which transactions have already been paid out and which are yet to be.

    Data availability

    Stripe computes all your data on a daily basis beginning at 12:00am UTC. The data for each day is defined as account activity that takes place between 12:00am UTC and 11:59pm UTC.

    Financial reports tab Processing time
    Balance within 12 hours
    Reconciliation within 12 hours

    For example, all account activity on November 12th (from 12:00am to 11:59pm UTC) is available in the Balance financial reports tab by November 13th at 12:00pm UTC.

    Choosing financial report data

    Each financial reports tab begins with a few filters to allow you to choose the exact data you are interested in.

    Date range

    When loading the page, the reports default to displaying available month-to-date data. You can select previous months or customize the date range to specific dates. Selected dates are inclusive. For example, choosing a date range of Mar 1, 2018 → Mar 7, 2018 includes data from the beginning of the day on March 1st (12:00am UTC) through the end of the day on March 7th (11:59pm UTC).


    If you keep a balance in multiple currencies, you can switch between your supported currencies with the currency selector.

    Connect accounts

    Connect platforms can toggle between a number of options to view data:

    • For the platform account only
    • For all the platform’s Custom and Express connected accounts (summary reports sum the data across all connected accounts, while itemized reports include relevant rows for all connected accounts)
    • For a single connected account

    To view reporting for a single connected account:

    • Go to the Connect Accounts page and search for the account you want
    • Click on the account’s name to go to the account detail page
    • Click the View financial reports button at the top of the Activity section

    Data is not available for standard accounts on your Connect platform. Unlike Express and Custom accounts, these are fully controlled by the account owner and can have data that originates from activity outside your platform.

    Email notifications

    You can receive email notifications when new data is available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Your subscription preferences can be configured in the control panel alongside the report filters.

    Each tab on the financial reports page has its own subscription. This allows you to manage different subscription intervals for each data source.


    The Balance tab includes a balance summary and detailed views of your net activity and payouts, based on the date it affected your Stripe balance. For example, a post-billed fee assessed Feb. 1, for a charge created Jan. 31, will be included if you run the report for February, since it affected your Stripe balance Feb. 1.

    Balance summary

    The starting and ending balance in your Stripe account for the currently selected time range. The starting balance is the sum of both your available and pending balances as well as your Connect Reserved balance if applicable.

    Even if your customers are paying in multiple currencies, your Stripe balance is based on transaction amounts after the currency conversions were applied. For more details, see the report schema for balance summary.

    Balance Change from Activity

    A summary report that provides a breakdown by reporting category of the Net Activity line item in the Balance Summary section above. It includes every transaction except for payouts that affects your balance including charges, refunds, disputes, other adjustments, etc.

    For more details, see the report schemas for balance change from activity summary and itemized balance change from activity.


    A summary report that provides an overview of the Less Payouts line item in the Balance Summary section above. To view individual payout transactions, you can download an itemized report.

    If you are on automatic payouts, you can also reconcile the exact transactions included in these payouts. Note that automatic payouts are included in this section if their balance transaction’s available_on date is within the selected date range.

    For more details, see the report schemas for payouts summary and itemized payouts.

    Downloading data

    In each of the data panels, you can download multiple types of reports as CSV files for further processing.

    • Summary: This downloads data in csv format exactly as you see in the data panel.
    • Itemized: This downloads all transactions included in the summary view.

    The Summary and Itemized download links can be found at the top of the report panels by clicking on the Download… button.

    There are times when you may want to investigate transactions of only one category, such as understanding “Additional Stripe Fees” on an item by item basis. For these use cases, you can hover over the category row of interest to find the Download button.


    The Reconciliation tab displays the same type of data you see in the Balance tab but grouped in different ways to help you reconcile with respect to payouts.

    Payout and ending balance reconciliation

    The Payout Reconciliation and Ending Balance Reconciliation panels look very similar to the Balance panel but differ in which transactions are included.

    • Payout reconciliation includes all transactions that were paid out within the selected date range.
    • Ending balance reconciliation includes all transactions that have not yet been paid out by the selected end date.

    Understanding balance and reconciliation

    The following table shows an account on a two day rolling schedule with five days of activity. The account was opened on the 1st of the month and accepted 10 USD in charges from its customers on its first day. Those funds became available on the 3rd, and the account received its first payout to its bank account due to the two day payout schedule.

    Day Transactions Payouts
    1st 10 USD  
    2nd 20 USD  
    3rd 30 USD 10 USD
    4th 50 USD 20 USD
    5th 70 USD 30 USD

    Given the above account activity and a date range of 3rd → 5th, the Balance summary report would include the following data.

    Balance Summary    
    Starting Balance 30 USD  
    Balance change from activity 150 USD  
    Less Payouts -60 USD  
    Ending Balance 120 USD  

    The Balance panel includes all transactions that occurred from the 3rd through the 5th. The sum of these transactions matches the Balance change from activity line item in the balance summary of 150 USD.

    The Payout Reconciliation panel includes transactions from the 1st through the 3rd because these transactions were paid out within the selected date range of 3rd → 5th. The sum of these transactions matches the Less Payouts line item of the balance summary of -60 USD.

    The Ending Balance Reconciliation panel includes transactions from the 4th and 5th because these transactions were not paid out within the selected date range of 3rd → 5th. The sum of these transactions matches the Ending Balance line item in the balance summary of 120 USD.

    For more details, see the report schemas for:

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