Select a report

Select a report

Find the right report to fit your financial workflow.

Stripe provides a variety of different reports designed to meet different needs. Start with the task you are looking to perform and use the table below to identify the best report.

Task Suggested report
  • Download monthly transaction history
  • View monthly totals by transaction category
  • Reconcile your Stripe balance like a bank account
  • Download a list of your payouts


  • Break down the individual transactions included in each payout to your bank account
  • Download the detail for multiple payouts at a time

Payout reconciliation

How should I reconcile my cash?

The Balance and Payout reconciliation reports both display categorized transactions, and you can use either to reconcile your cash. The reports group transactions in different ways to facilitate different types of reconciliation.

Which report should I use?

The Balance report resembles a bank statement, and is optimized for users who treat their Stripe account similar to a bank account in their accounting system. The Balance report helps you to record all activity that occurred in Stripe during a date range. Payouts are recorded as simple transfers between your Stripe account and your bank account, which don’t correspond to any specific payments. Like a bank account, the balance is reconciled at the end of the period to confirm that all transactions have been accounted for.

The Payout reconciliation report is optimized for users on automatic payout plans who model their Stripe balance as a temporary clearing account in their accounting system. This report helps you to reconcile each payout against the transactions included in that batch after it settles.

How can I reconcile between the reports?

Most reconciliation workflows don’t require using both reports, but it can be helpful to understand how they fit together.

The following table shows an account on a [two day rolling schedule] with five days of activity. The account was opened on the 1st of the month and accepted 10 USD in charges from its customers on its first day. Those funds became available on the 3rd, and the account received its first payout to its bank account because of the two day payout schedule.

1st 10 USD   10 USD
2nd 20 USD   30 USD
3rd 30 USD 10 USD 50 USD
4th 50 USD 20 USD 80 USD
5th 70 USD 30 USD 120 USD

Given the above account activity and a date range of 3rd–5th, the Balance summary would include the following data.

Starting balance 30 USD
Balance change from activity 150 USD
Less payouts -60 USD
Ending balance 120 USD

The Balance change from activity section of the Balance report includes all transactions that occurred from the 3rd through the 5th. The total of these transactions matches the Balance change from activity line item in the balance summary of 150 USD.

The Payout reconciliation report includes transactions from the 1st through the 3rd because these transactions were paid out within the selected date range of 3rd–5th. The sum of these transactions matches the Less Payouts line item of the balance summary of -60 USD.

The Ending balance reconciliation section at the bottom of the Payout reconciliation report includes transactions from the 4th and 5th because these transactions were not paid out within the selected date range of 3rd–5th. The sum of these transactions matches the Ending balance line item in the balance summary of 120 USD.

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