Learn about voucher payment methods with Stripe.

With vouchers, customers complete online purchases in-person at authorized locations like convenience stores. Vouchers are often used by:

  • Businesses with customers that don’t have cards or bank accounts.
  • Retailers with consumers in countries like Mexico, where card authorizations rates are low and offering a backup payment option improves conversion.

Vouchers might not be a good fit for your business if:

  • You deliver goods immediately after checkout. Some customers may not complete payment and it can take one business day to receive a payment confirmation.
  • You need to send refunds. Vouchers don’t support refunds directly. Some businesses create separate processes to credit customers who ask for a refund directly.

Payment experience

When a customer chooses a voucher method for payment, they receive a digital voucher through email or in an app with a transaction summary and a voucher code. The customer scans the voucher code at an authorized location like a convenience store and pays in-person, often with cash.

Product support

All voucher methods work on PaymentIntents. We build hosted voucher experiences for you to simplify your integration. Contact us to request a new voucher method.

Payment method Customer country PaymentIntents Checkout Connect Invoicing Subscriptions
OXXO Mexico No No No

Migrating from the Sources or Tokens APIs

If you currently use the Sources or Tokens API, see migrating to PaymentIntents to use the latest integrations.