Older payment APIs

    See our older APIs, no longer recommended but still available.

    As Stripe builds technology to support the future of payments, some of our older APIs are no longer recommended. Find unmaintained documentation and migration guides here.


    The older APIs are limited. To get the latest Stripe features, migrate to the Payment Intents, Setup Intents, and Payment Methods APIs. We continually develop this set of future-proof APIs.

    See each individual API’s docs for specifics on migrating.

    Using the older APIs

    Although unsupported, these APIs aren’t going away. Until you upgrade your integration, you can still use any API listed here:

    Comparing the APIs

    Feature Payment Intents, Setup Intents, & Payment Methods Charges, Tokens, & Sources
    Supported payment methods Cards, 3DS cards, iDEAL, SEPA Cards, ACH
    Works with Terminal (in-person payments)
    Future development

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