Testing Stripe Terminal Invite Only

    Learn how to test your Stripe Terminal integration.

    Using your test card

    During development, you can test your Stripe Terminal integration using the physical test card provided with your development kit. This test card supports both chip and contactless entry. It is formatted so that it can be used only with Stripe’s pre-certified readers, and only against the Stripe API in test mode.

    When creating payments using a physical test card, you can use amounts ending in the following values to produce specific responses:

    Decimal Result
    00 Payment is approved.
    01 Payment is declined with a call_issuer code.
    05 Payment is declined with a generic_decline code.
    55 Payment is declined with an incorrect_pin code.
    65 Payment is declined with a withdrawal_count_limit_exceeded code.
    75 Payment is declined with a pin_try_exceeded code.

    For example, a payment processed using a physical test card for the amount $25.00 succeeds; a payment processed for the amount $10.05 is declined.

    Reader simulator

    The Stripe Terminal SDKs come with a built-in reader simulator, so you can try the example apps and build a basic integration without any physical hardware.

    To use a reader simulator, simply configure your call to discoverReaders to use the provided simulator.

    let configuration = DiscoveryConfiguration(deviceType: .readerSimulator)
    var configuration = {method: 'simulated'}
    terminal.discoverReaders(configuration).then(function(discoverResult) {
        // connect to the simulated reader
    const configuration = {method: 'simulated'}
    const discoverResult = await terminal.discoverReaders(configuration);


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