Placing Orders

    After choosing a reader, place an order in the Dashboard.

    Order pre-certified readers compatible with Stripe Terminal from your Dashboard. Purchase readers directly from Stripe so they’re loaded with Stripe’s payment applications and secure encryption keys.

    To get started, navigate to the Terminal section in your Dashboard. Click Browse to view available products.

    What to buy

    First, order a reader and a test card to test your full integration with physical hardware. When your integration is ready, order as many readers as you need. For orders greater than 100, get in touch.

    Not sure which reader you need? See Designing an Integration to choose one for your integration.

    Tracking, canceling, and returning orders

    After placing an order, check its status in the Dashboard:

    Status Meaning
    Submitted Stripe received your order and is working with our distribution partner.
    Shipped The order has been fulfilled and is on its way to you.

    You can cancel orders before they’re shipped by clicking Cancel. Once shipped, you must initiate a refund to cancel the order.

    To return a device, contact support. Navigate to your order in the Dashboard and click Contact Support to automatically send us your order details. We can accept refunds for orders in original packaging (along with all accessories) within 30 days of the date of purchase.

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you run into issues with an order. We’re happy to help.


    Stripe works with a distribution partner to fulfill Terminal orders. Your order should arrive within six business days. Orders over $200 require a delivery signature.

    If you’re a Connect platform using Terminal, you can ship readers directly to your connected accounts.

    Expedited shipping options are coming soon.

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