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Stripe Terminal readers

Learn about Stripe's pre-certified in-person payment readers.

Stripe Terminal works only with our pre-certified card readers. This ensures that your transactions are secured by our end-to-end encryption, and that your readers are always up to date via our remote management tools.

Not sure which reader is right for you? See Designing an Integration to choose a reader that works with your application and physical sales environment.

You can order readers from the Stripe Dashboard and get them shipped to a location of your choice. As a Connect platform, you can even enable your connected accounts to receive readers and accessories at their business location.

Connection to Stripe

Before it can process payments, a Stripe Terminal reader must be connected to your point of sale application via the Stripe Terminal SDK. Each reader can only connect to one instance of the SDK at a time. For example, if your app runs on iOS and you want four mobile readers in your store, you also need four iOS devices.


In-person payments must follow strict rules to meet PCI compliance, PCI certifications, and EMV certifications.

Terminal offers a selection of pre-certified, PCI-compliant readers that accept payment details (EMV, contactless, and swiped), encrypt sensitive card information, and return a token to your application through the Stripe Terminal SDK so that you can confirm payment.

Reader software updates

Stripe and our hardware partners periodically release reader software updates, which can include improvements and required security updates. The Verifone P400 reader software updates automatically. The BBPOS Chipper 2X BT reader software must be updated manually. As reader software updates are made available, update your readers to the latest available version to continue using Stripe Terminal. Failing to install a required manual update can prevent a reader from accepting payments.

Next steps

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