Stripe Terminal Readers Invite Only

    Learn about Stripe's pre-certified in-person payment readers.

    Stripe Terminal works only with our pre-certified card readers. This restriction ensures that your transactions are secured by our end-to-end encryption, and that your readers are always up to date via our remote management tools.

    You can integrate with Stripe Terminal using two different combinations of reader and SDK.

    Reader Supported SDK Form Factor Connection Type
    BBPOS Chipper 2X BT iOS Mobile Bluetooth
    Verifone P400 JS Countertop Ethernet

    You might choose the combination of an iOS SDK and mobile reader if:

    • You want to build a mobile-first experience, for card-present payment acceptance driven by an iOS device
    • You want to build a “clienteling” experience, where roaming in-store cashiers can accept payment right next to the customer
    • You prefer a mobile, Bluetooth-enabled card reader, versus one that must be plugged in

    You might choose the combination of a JavaScript SDK and countertop reader if:

    • You have strong developer proficiency with JavaScript and a web-based technology stack
    • You’d like a fully branded customer experience, using a device that provides a customizable splash screen and dynamic messaging to the customer during a transaction
    • You prefer a countertop checkout experience, anchored to a traditional, desk-based, point-of-sale station

    The Stripe Terminal Android SDK is in active development. If you’re interested in using the Android SDK, please let us know and we’ll be in touch as soon as it’s ready. We’ll also be expanding support for the countertop reader in the iOS (and Android) SDKs, and adding support for more readers.

    BBPOS Chipper 2X BT

    The BBPOS Chipper 2X BT is a handheld reader for mobile Stripe Terminal applications. It connects to an iOS device over Bluetooth.

    Verifone P400

    The Verifone P400 is a countertop reader for desktop Stripe Terminal applications. It connects to a JavaScript application over a LAN.

    The BBPOS and Chipper™ name and logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of BBPOS Limited in the United States and/or other countries. The Verifone® name and logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Verifone in the United States and/or other countries. Use of the trademarks does not imply any endorsement by BBPOS or Verifone.


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