Testing Radar

Use the following information to test your fraud prevention strategy. If you need help after reading this, get in touch or chat live with other developers in #stripe on freenode.

Payment risk levels

Using the following test credit card numbers, you can create payments in test mode that are evaluated at a specific risk level. Test payments can be created either in the Payments page of the Dashboard when in test mode or by making a charge request using the API and your test API key.

Number Description
4100000000000019 Results in a charge with a risk level of highest. The charge is blocked as it's considered fraudulent.
4000000000009235 Results in a charge with a risk level of elevated. The charge is successful and placed into your review queue.

Reviewing payments

Payments created in test mode with an elevated risk level are placed into your review queue. This gives you a good opportunity to test how you intend to review payments, including sending any additional information that can be useful during the review process (e.g., making use of metadata to provide order details or shipping information).


Stripe’s machine learning fraud system does not perform a risk evaluation for test payments. As such, rules are not available in test mode. However, you’re able to test the effectiveness of a potential rule on your payments through our test interface.

When creating a rule, your payment history from the last six months is used to see what effect the rule would have, based upon the following:

  • Number and percentage of payments that would match the rule
  • Number of successful payments
  • Number of refunded or disputed payments
  • Number of blocked or declined payments
  • Stripe’s evaluation of risk on these payments