The Stripe Mirakl Connector allows marketplaces powered by Mirakl to onboard sellers on Stripe and pay them out automatically.

    Stripe Connect is the perfect fit for Mirakl marketplaces:

    • Compatible with all the payment methods offered by Stripe.
    • Works for B2C and B2B marketplaces.
    • Supports multi-seller orders.
    • Automated payouts based on your configuration.
    • Fully compliant set up under PSD2.


    Building a marketplace using Stripe Connect and Mirakl requires two integrations.

    Cash-in flow

    This flow is out of the scope of the connector. You can decide which payment methods are most relevant to your marketplace and use one of our existing plugins or build your own integration.

    The connector comes with built-in transfers and refunds as an option, see the Payments section for more information.

    Note that using Stripe Radar or Stripe Billing doesn’t conflict with the connector.

    Cash-out flow

    The connector supports sellers onboarding and automated payouts.

    To get started, move on to the Configuration step.


    Learn more about each workflow:

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