Teams and user roles

Give team members controlled access to your Stripe account.

You can invite other members of your team to access a Stripe account. To protect your sensitive information or restrict the actions they can perform, user roles limit their access. Each team member must be assigned a role when they’re added. Invites to your Stripe account expire after 10 days.

You can manage team members and user roles in your account’s team member settings page. You can add team members individually, or invite multiple users at the same time by separating their email addresses with a comma or space.

Inviting a team member to access your Stripe account

Selecting a user role

You can choose from five user roles when adding a team member to your account, each with increasing restrictions on the actions they can take:

AdministratorThe user has the same level of access as the account owner and can view API keys, change account settings, invite new users, etc. Administrators can’t delete or make changes to the account owner. Only owners and administrators can connect the Stripe account to Connect platforms.
DeveloperThe user can’t manage team members on your Stripe account, update bank account information, or edit payout settings.
AnalystThe user can’t access any account settings or view API keys. They also can’t make changes to Stripe Radar settings.
Support SpecialistThe user can’t access any account settings or view API keys. They also can’t view summarized financial reports, aggregate payment information, inspect payouts from Stripe to your bank account, or view and make changes to Stripe Radar settings.
View onlyThe user has read-only access to all payment information in your account but can’t access any account settings or view API keys. They can’t edit details of a connected account.

Mentioning team members in notes

You can mention team members when adding a note to a payment. Any team member that you mention receives an email notification with the note and a link to the payment it was added to.

Mentioning a team member in a note

Receiving email notifications

Each team member can receive an email notification when any of the following occur:

Email notifications are configured in your user profile, and apply on a per-user basis. Other team members must customize their settings if they also want to receive notifications.