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Card management API

Sheena Pakanati on July 15, 2013

We heard from you—loud and clear—that our API needed two things: multiple cards and the ability to edit cards without resubmitting the full card number. We've just launched those features (and some extras!) to help you manage the credit cards you store with Stripe:

NewMultiple cards per customer

Customers can now have multiple cards attached to them instead of being limited to a single card. You can update the customer's default_card at any time (to be used by default on once-off charges or automatic subscription payments), or optionally specify which card to use on charge creation.

NewEditing cards

You can partially update a card—say, the billing address or the expiration date—without having to ask your customer to enter the full card details again.

NewDeleting cards

Previously, you couldn't remove a card from a customer without replacing it with another card; now you have full control over deleting cards whenever you like.

NewCard events

We’ve added three new card events: customer.card.created, customer.card.updated, and customer.card.deleted.

Note that customer.card.updated tells you when a card itself is edited, but you'll still want to listen to customer.updated events if you want to know when the customer's default_card changes.

Check out the full documentation, and let us know what you think.