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Better Dispute Management

Sheena Pakanati on November 15, 2012

We’re trying to make every part of payments easier, and that includes oft-neglected pieces like handling disputed charges (also known as chargebacks). We’ve just launched some new features to help you manage your disputed charges:

New API for retrieving and updating dispute details

Disputed charges now have a dispute attribute that provides you with details about the dispute. You can also update dispute evidence via the API, which should be especially handy for Stripe Connect users who need to manage disputes on other Stripe users’ behalf. The API exposes everything you need to know about the dispute, including the status and an easy-to-understand reason for the dispute if we have it.

Note: Currently the disputes API only includes complete dispute data starting from September 23, 2012.

New Managing disputes in your dashboard

You can now peruse a full list of your disputes, filter them by reason or status, tell at a glance what disputes need your attention, and see details about any individual dispute.

Responding to a dispute is also much easier than before: just visit your dashboard to submit evidence. We’ll even suggest what specific details to provide — based on the disputed charge and the cardholder’s reason for disputing it — to increase your chances of winning the dispute.

New Better charge dispute events

We’ve added three useful dispute events: charge.dispute.created (when a charge first gets disputed), charge.dispute.updated (when a dispute’s evidence is updated), and charge.dispute.closed (when a dispute is resolved, either in your favor or in the cardholder’s favor). If you’ve no need for webhooks, don’t worry: we’ll still send you an email when a dispute is created or closed.

Note: On Dec 15, 2012, the old charge.disputed event will be deprecated.

Our goal is to work with our users to make sure that disputes don’t arise in the first place, and we hope that you don’t have frequent occasion to use these new features—but we hope they’ll make your life easier when you need them.