Your Finance, Engineering, and UX teams typically each lead certain integration phases. However, product management remains involved. As with the scoping phase, many of the integration phases can be done in parallel. The phases are:

Create your platform account

Your Finance organization or product managers typically complete this phase, which Stripe estimates to typically take about a day.

  1. Create a Stripe account, if you haven’t already done so.

  2. Because it’s helpful to think from your customer’s point of view, begin by creating the products and plans to which they can subscribe.

Build back-end subscription logic

Your Engineering organization typically completes this phase, which Stripe estimates to typically take about 1–2 weeks.

Use our Billing Quickstart guide to get started. This comprehensive guide covers the basics of subscribing a customer, plus many other potential uses like working with coupons, trials, upgrades, and more.

Allow some time to think through how to model your envisioned subscriptions using Stripe Billing’s framework of products and plans.

If you would like to group multiple recurring items together, so that your customer can pay a combined charge for them, consider working with multiple plans per subscription.

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