Stripe Connector for NetSuite

Stripe Connector for NetSuite

Connect Stripe with NetSuite to automate cash reconciliation and accept payments on invoices.

Connect Stripe to your NetSuite workflow with the official Stripe Connector for NetSuite (formerly SuiteSync). Automate cash reconciliation, complete your e-commerce workflow, and accept payments on invoices. You can avoid hours of custom NetSuite integration effort with our prebuilt solution.

This integration synchronizes Stripe data to NetSuite in real time, automates manual cash reconciliation, and supports customized flows such as NetSuite’s revenue recognition and e-commerce. The Stripe Connector for NetSuite pushes Stripe customers, invoices, payments, refunds, disputes, deposits, and more to NetSuite in real time. This automates all income and cash entries in NetSuite, eliminating manual reconciliation and custom integrations.

SuiteSync was recently acquired by Stripe. At this time, all of our integration and workflow documentation is currently hosted at

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