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OXXO payments

Learn how to accept payments with OXXO.

OXXO is a Mexican chain of convenience stores with thousands of locations across Latin America and represents nearly 20% of online transactions in Mexico. OXXO allows customers to pay bills and online purchases in-store with cash.

To complete a transaction, customers receive a voucher that includes a reference number for the transaction. Customers then bring their voucher to an OXXO store to make a cash payment. You will receive payment confirmation by the next business day along with the settled funds.

Payment flow

1. Selects OXXO at checkout

2. Receives voucher with transaction reference

3. Provides voucher and cash payment at OXXO store

4. Receives notification that payment is complete

Getting started

Check out the OXXO sample, view the sample code on GitHub, or get started with accepting OXXO payments.

Disputed payments

OXXO payments have a low risk of fraud or unrecognized payments because the customer must provide cash payment in person at an OXXO convenience store. OXXO payments cannot be disputed by the customer.


OXXO payments cannot be refunded. Some merchants have created a separate process to credit their customers who reach out directly.

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