Recurring Payments with Checkout

    Accept recurring payments with Checkout to manage basic subscription workflows.

    Checkout creates a secure, Stripe-hosted payment page that lets you collect payments with just a few lines of code. Checkout works with Stripe Billing to support recurring payment flows:

    • Starting a subscription
    • Starting a trial

    With a more advanced client and server integration, you can further customize your Checkout subscriptions:

    • Add line items to a subscription
    • Allow customers to update their subscription payment details
    • Collect payment details before your customer makes a purchase

    Try now

    Use one of Stripe’s test cards with any three-digit CVC code and an expiration date that’s in the future:

    • To demo, use the U.S. test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 or any other Stripe test card number.
    • To test 3D Secure authentication, use 4000 0000 0000 3220.

    Use cases

    • Create a self-serve interface for customers to set up recurring billing for a software subscription, optionally including a trial period.
    • Combine a one-time payment for hardware and recurring payments for an ongoing service plan into a single transaction.
    • Dynamically handle 3D Secure authentication to decrease fraud and increase success rates on future payments.

    Next steps

    Now that you have a working integration, learn how to handle actions after the payment and the options available for customizing Checkout.

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