Making One-time Payments with Checkout

    Use Checkout to sell your products online.

    Checkout creates a secure, Stripe-hosted payment page that lets you collect payments with just a few lines of code. Checkout also adds flexible options such as defining product amounts dynamically and two-step card payments (separate authorization and capture).

    Looking to make a one-time payment with a saved card? Learn how to save cards for later reuse instead.

    Choose your integration

    There are two ways to use Checkout to handle one-time payments. In a client-only integration, you configure your product SKUs in the Dashboard and reference them on the client side during your customer’s purchase. In a client and server integration, your application dynamically specifies the product amounts rather than relying on predefined SKUs.

    Client-only Integration

    For simple product catalogs
    A depiction of product creation in the Stripe Dashboard
    • Add product SKUs through the Dashboard

    Client and Server Integration

    For dynamic products and pricing
    A sample of Stripe Checkout Session creation code
    • Dynamically define product amounts rather than relying on predefined SKUs

    Next steps

    Now that you have a working integration, learn how to handle actions after the payment and the options available for customizing Checkout.

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