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Cartes Bancaires

Cartes Bancaires (CB)

Learn about Cartes Bancaires, a common payment method in France.

Cartes Bancaires is France’s local card network. More than 95% of these cards are co-branded with either Visa or Mastercard, meaning that even if you haven’t integrated Cartes Bancaires, you can still process the majority of these cards using the Visa or Mastercard networks.

Activating Cartes Bancaires will likely have a positive effect on your acceptance rate in France. If a charge is declined on the Cartes Bancaires network for a technical reason, Stripe automatically retries the charge on Visa or Mastercard’s networks.

As with Visa and Mastercard, cardholders can dispute Cartes Bancaires charges. Because Cartes Bancaires dispute rules are more stringent, there are fewer reasons that a cardholder can dispute a charge, which leads to a lower dispute rate compared to Visa and Mastercard for many of our merchants. Merchants cannot contest Cartes Bancaires disputes.


Only merchants located in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) can activate Cartes Bancaires. For now, UK merchants are welcome to join, but this may not be the case in the future, given impending Brexit changes.

If your business isn’t based in France, Cartes Bancaires won’t be fully enabled until your account has processed 50 EUR from French cards after activating it in the Dashboard.


If you can already accept card payments, you can accept Cartes Bancaires! Before activating, read through the Card Brand Choice guide to learn how to best handle customer priority selection and to find multiple test cards that you can use to test your integration as soon as it’s active.