Multiple Accounts

    Learn how to create and manage multiple Stripe accounts.

    You can create additional Stripe accounts associated with your email address. You might create some accounts yourself, and might be given access to other accounts as a team member. To create a new account, click on the name of your current Stripe account at the upper-left corner, and select New account.

    To switch the account you’re currently viewing in the Dashboard, click on the name of your current Stripe account at the upper-left corner and then select the account to switch to.

    Using additional accounts has a number of benefits:

    Separate tax and legal entity information
    Each account can only be associated with the tax ID and legal entity of one business. If you operate multiple businesses that have separate tax ID information (e.g., separate legal entities), you must create additional accounts for each.
    Unique statement descriptor and public business information
    Using the same Stripe account for separate businesses can cause confusion as the public business information used is the same for both. For example, a customer who purchases from your business “XYZ” may see a charge from your business “ABC” on their statement, potentially resulting in a dispute. Each additional account has its own public information to accurately describe your business and payments.
    Easier reporting and reconciliation
    Separating the payments processed by your businesses makes it easier to find payments, create and export reports, and reconcile payouts to your bank account.
    Payouts to separate bank accounts
    Each additional account can use a separate bank account for payouts (although you can use the same bank account if you wish).

    If you need to create many new accounts—or provision accounts automatically—while maintaining centralized reporting and management, you may wish to consider creating a Connect platform instead of using multiple conventional Stripe accounts.

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