Learn how to dispute transactions.

    You can dispute a transaction that you do not recognize or suspect to be fraudulent. Stripe provides a guided process in the Dashboard for you to open a dispute and submit evidence to support your claim.

    Once you have created the dispute, the business that charged the card is given a set amount of time to respond with their own evidence that the transaction was valid.

    If the dispute is upheld in your favor:

    • A new transaction of type dispute is created.
    • The disputed amount is returned to you by crediting your account balance.
    • You will receive an email notification.

    Creating a dispute

    You can create a dispute by clicking Dispute transaction when viewing a transaction. This begins the dispute process and gives you the opportunity to provide the necessary information and evidence.

    Disputing a transaction in the Dashboard.

    If you have any information you think will help present your case, ensure you have entered the information in the dispute form. After you complete the form, click Submit to formally begin the dispute process with the card network.

    Once you’ve created a dispute, Stripe sends an issuing_dispute.created event. Similarly, we send issuing_dispute.updated and issuing_dispute.closed events as the dispute progresses through its lifecycle.

    You can view the status of disputes at any time in the Dashboard. The status of a newly-created dispute is under_review. If it is adjudicated in your favor, the status changes to won. If the business wins the dispute, the status changes to lost. Once the dispute is closed, we send you an email with information about the outcome and an issuing_dispute.closed webhook event.

    If the original payment was converted into your account’s default currency (e.g., a USD transaction paid for on your GBP card), the disputed amount is converted back to the transaction’s original currency (e.g., USD is converted back into GBP and deposited into your account).

    Formatting documents and images to upload

    Dispute evidence must be in the format of PDF, TIFF, or JPEG. Before sending your response, ensure that any text or images are clear and large enough to show up clearly in a black and white fax transmission.

    Dispute categories

    • Fraud
    • Product was not received
    • Product was already paid for
    • Other

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