Issuing and Connect Invite Only

    Learn how to create connected accounts ready to use Issuing.

    Create Issuing-enabled custom connected accounts by following the custom connected accounts creation guide, and request both the card_issuing and card_payments capabilities.

    With card_issuing the account will be able use Issuing-related features.

    card_payments will allow the account to access features such as destination charges.

    Required verification information

    When you create connected accounts and request capabilities, a list of requirements are returned in the response. This information needs to be collected to activate the capabilities and to allow the account to approve authorizations.

    The current requirements to activate the card_issuing capability are:

    • Legal entity
      • Legal name
      • company.address.* Business address
      • business_type Business type (cannot be individual)
      • company.tax_id EIN (Employer Identification Number), SSN are not allowed
      • business_profile.mcc MCC
      • business_profile.url Url or product description
    • All beneficial owners (relationship.owner) and an executive (relationship.account_opener the person opening the account who has the authority to do so on behalf of the entity, and is able to certify that the information provided is correct)
      • first_name last_name Legal first and last name
      • dob.month dob.year Date of birth
      • address.* Residential address
      • ssn_last_4 Last 4 digits of the SSN
      • email Email (for account opener only)
      • ID Document Scan (if identity not verified)

    For card_payments read about the US-specific requirements

    Example of creating an account with the required information

    These examples are for the version 2019-02-19 of the API.

        curl \
    -u sk_test_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc: \
    -d type=custom \
    -d business_type=company \
    -d "requested_capabilities[]=card_payments" \
    -d "requested_capabilities[]=card_issuing" \
    -d country=US \
    -d "business_profile[mcc]=5999" \
    -d "business_profile[url]=" \
    -d "company[name]=We Sell Socks, Inc." \
    -d "company[tax_id]=11-3456789" \
    -d "company[address][line1]=185 Berry Street" \
    -d "company[address][city]=San Francisco" \
    -d "company[address][state]=CA" \
    -d "company[address][postal_code]=94110" \
    -d "company[address][country]=US"
        curl \
    -u sk_test_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc: \
    -d first_name=Joe \
    -d last_name=Smith \
    -d "dob[day]=12" \
    -d "dob[month]=11" \
    -d "dob[year]=1978" \
    -d "address[line1]=185 Berry Street" \
    -d "address[city]=San Francisco" \
    -d "address[state]=CA" \
    -d "address[postal_code]=94110" \
    -d "address[country]=US" \
    -d ssn_last_4=9999 \
    -d email="" \
    -d "relationship[account_opener]=true" \
    -d "relationship[owner]=true" \
    -d "relationship[percent_ownership]=25.0"
        curl \
    -u sk_test_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc: \
    -d "company[owners_provided]=true"

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