Stripe identity verification product US/UK invite only

Learn how to verify your users’ identities.

Stripe's identity verification product lets you seamlessly and securely verify your users' identity with just a few lines of code. Stripe hosts an identity document capture UI with machine learning models running in the browser to improve image quality and maximize conversion rates.

Example integration

Preview an example integration by clicking the button below. The data you provide won’t be verified.

Use cases

Stripe supports over 4,000 document types from 100+ countries for use cases such as:

  • Preventing fraud and supporting your KYC and compliance programs
  • Verifying the age of your customers
  • Ensuring users have a valid driver’s license
  • Automating account recovery requests

Features New

Stripe’s identity verification product empowers you to:

  • Verify identity with keyed-in information, ID documents, and biometric selfie data
  • Build progressive verification flows that start with keyed-in information and only request documents as needed
  • Match ID documents to their holders with biometric selfie verification

How it works

  1. Send your users to Stripe’s conversion-optimized document capture UI. You can customize the UI to match your branding.
  2. Your users capture images of physical ID documents with their desktop or mobile phone camera and send them to Stripe. You can configure this step to include keyed-in information and/or selfie verification.
  3. Stripe verifies the authenticity of the ID document.
  4. You receive a webhook event with the verification results. You can also review the results in your Stripe Dashboard or access the data through the API.

Getting access

If you’re interested in participating in the Stripe identity verification product beta or learning more, get in touch below.

Or email us to let us know how you would like to use identity verification.

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