Payout reversals

Payout reversals

Reverse a payout sent to a connected account

In cases where funds for an Express or Custom account have been paid to the wrong bank account, the platform can make a payout reversal from the bank account back to the connected account’s balance.

Payout reversals can be requested from the dashboard on the payout details page

or via the API.

curl \ -u sk_test_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc: \ -H "Stripe-Account: {{CONNECTED_STRIPE_ACCOUNT_ID}}" \ -X POST


To be reversed, a payout must be:

  • to a bank account in the US.
  • expected to arrive less than 90 days ago.
  • not a debit or an Instant Payout.


A payout reversal will appear as a debit and will have the same webhooks as other payouts. For example, when the payout reversal is first requested, there will be a payout.updated event on the original payout. Then, the payout reversal will have the payout.created, payout.updated, payout.paid, and possible payout.failed events.


In the event that the original payout fails while the payout reversal is still in a pending state, Stripe will cancel the reversing payout.

If the payout reversal fails, we do not allow for retries.

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