Manage payout schedule

Managing payout schedule

Managing the payout schedule for automatic payouts to your Custom and Express connected accounts

When using automatic payouts, the settings[payouts][schedule] property on an account indicates how often the Stripe account’s balance is automatically paid out:

{ ... "payouts": { ... "schedule": { "delay_days": 7, "interval": "daily" }, ... }

The delay_days property reflects how long it takes for on_behalf_of charges (or direct charges performed on the connected account) to become available for payout. This field is useful for dictating automatic payouts. For example, if you want your Express or Custom accounts to receive their funds 2 weeks after the charge is made, set interval to daily and delay_days to 14. The default is the lowest permitted value for the account, determined by the connected account’s country. When setting or updating this field, you may pass the string minimum to choose the lowest permitted value.

There are four possible settings for the interval property:

  • manual prevents automatic payouts. You will have to manually pay out the account’s balance using the Payouts API (acting as the connected account). You also set an account to manual to use Instant Payouts.
  • daily automatically pays out charges delay_days days after they’re created. The delay_days value cannot be less than your own payout schedule or less than the default payout schedule for the account.
  • weekly automatically pays out the balance once a week, with the day specified by the weekly_anchor parameter (a lower-case weekday such as monday).
  • monthly automatically pays out the balance once a month, as specified by the monthly_anchor parameter (a number from 1 to 31). Payouts nominally scheduled between the 29th and 31st of the month are instead sent on the last day of a shorter month.
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