Managing individual accounts

    Learn about using the Stripe Dashboard to manage connected accounts.

    You can use the Dashboard to inspect, support, and better understand your platform’s connected accounts. Some common tasks supported by the Dashboard include:

    1. Creating accounts
    2. Finding accounts
    3. Inspecting accounts
    4. Updating account information
    5. Sending funds

    Creating accounts

    As an alternative to the API, you can use the Dashboard to create Custom accounts. This feature is helpful if you’re a developer testing Stripe Connect for the first time, or if you want to start onboarding connected accounts while you finish building your onboarding flow.

    To create a new Custom account, click the + Create button on the accounts overview page. After completing the form, the account details page for that account is displayed. From this page, you can finish onboarding and send funds to the account.

    Finding accounts

    The fastest way to find a specific connected account is to search for it in the Dashboard—most often, by name, email, or metadata. Alternatively, you can view a list of accounts in the connected accounts section of the Dashboard.

    Inspecting accounts

    The connected account detail page is organized into several sections.

    The header section provides information about the history and current capabilities of the account, including the ability to process payments or receive funds. Administrative actions, such as rejecting an account or viewing its Dashboard, are available in the header from the overflow menu.

    The Activity section provides a detailed breakdown of recent transactions on the connected account.

    Updating account information

    The capabilities of connected accounts change over time depending on their verification status. Custom account information can be updated in the Identity section.

    You can update the payout schedule of Custom accounts in the Balance section.

    Changing the account representative

    You can call the Accounts API to change the account representative.

    For more information, see the required verification information page.

    Managing business owners

    You can add, edit, and remove business owners on the connected account detail page. When viewing an account, click the + Add owner button to add a new owner, or the ••• icon to edit an existing owner. When you have connected accounts that are past due, you can use this feature to update them.

    Updating capabilities

    You can manage an account’s capabilities by clicking Edit in the Capabilities section.

    Sending funds

    Funds can be sent to connected accounts using the Send funds button in the Balance section.

    For Custom and Express accounts, you can send money directly to a connected account’s bank or debit card. Sending funds is restricted to users with Administrator privileges or greater.

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